I wrote this poem and then thought I'd seek
other poets opinions, Adrian's site is helping thanks Adrian!

Is poetry dead?

by Ilan

Is poetry dead,  
for the pictures that 
and stun
leaving words behind,  
brittle and bashed 
bullied by the big screen 
are words no longer beautiful
as Sistine Chapels, 
has egg been thrown all over our faces
so that publishers won't  
and readers don't  
in this age of best sellers, blockbusters
and 3D
Is poetry dead?

Copyright Ilan Cohen 2010


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Lolz – I think we can safely say that Poetry is alive and well, and living in a renovated inter-war bungalow in Taverner's Hill (and working on a 3D movie treatment too, I believe). Thanks for the feedback on the site.
Poetry is completely deady-bones according to the very young sales assistant who served me at a second hand book shop in Randwick - or so he told me after I had to borrow a ladder from him to get to the poetry section.
Nicely put. Youre probably right. Or is that write?
Well soemthing similar is being discussed here on SMH over the last few days

It's only dead if we believe it's dead, or even old.


I personally believe poetry is alive and well in all of us and in everything us poets see, touch and smell. Stuff publishers and the crushing, judgemental forces of the (at times) scornful digital age. Nothing can stop poets from seeing, observing and interpreting.


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