I knew a lady once, whose name was Mandy

Smelt like candy but a little self conscious was she

Well, a kiss turned to a cuddle, a cuddle to a fondle

and everything was just dandy


But as the barometer rose, I travelled south

during that passionate moment

Screamed out loud I did! For she was no longer Mandy,

but now a very big Andy - built like a big malley bull was Mandy


Well, I fired back north at the sheer fright of the sight of her consignment

I then bellowed at Mandy - but she was still randy

She wanted to play cowgirls, demanding I be the horse of course

to align her saddle on a bucking steed she called Kent


But in total rage, I pointed my tall man and said

You’ll never get my bucking steed you call Kent

For I’ve never dated a Mandy and with that I fled

Or perhaps it’s Andy that I meant.


Copyright © - Steve Goldsmith 2011

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HA! I would love to hear this read aloud, to get a feel for the rollicking meter.

Hi Plathological liar.  It's actually hard to read aloud because everytime I do, I and everyone else just roar laughing.  But one day I will......I'll need a few sherbets under my belt first LOL.


I've posted another one that rhymes natually also.  It's called "Crimes of Rhythms and Rhymes" and is a youtube vid.  Feel free to listen to and comment.

Hey Plathological Liar, I've just uploaded the vid here (would have preferred to have done it to music, but not that technologically gifted):


A tribute to Benny Hill it is. Very funny, good work.

Thanks Jon. If you want to know how it sounds, I've uploaded a vid here (would have preferred to have done it to music):



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