At the moment I'm writing,

presently I'll be considering my future.

Currently Im engaged in doubtful speculation.

Right now Im fine

Ill just nod in case you feel awkward.

Just now you and I seem to be connected,

but its a short poem.


But then

Im walking down a street and I trip.

A car screeches to a stops over me.

Im all right but as I look up

into the guts of the machine  

at all those connecting systems.

Power steering, breaks, and cooling,

they echo something

about myself thats essentially


I stare into the mechanical beast and absorb this bond without understanding it,

when I realize If I stay here

I will be crushed by the wheels or the differential


I grab hold of the engine struts


pull myself up into a

a small cavity in the engine bay,

Im seared and chocked by heat and fumes,

And afraid that Ive stained my clothes

I might get caught between some belt and pulley

However I have somewhere for the moment.

Im surprised but Im feeling good. 


Presently I'm involved in a number of ideas,

but you'd really call them issues.

At this time there seems to be little more to say.

But no doubt I'll talk like I'm thinking myself alive.

Right now I can tell you that whole deal with the car

was not meant to say anything about you and

what youre like to spend time with.

If I spend time Im not going look for change.

I know any moment now

some moment may offer itself

in some extraordinary way.

And I will be lost again.


But then I look at my surroundings and

its clearly like a movie

or Im making a movie about someone in an engine compartment.


Without warning the bonnet opens

Im standing up and getting out

Then handed long lead

with a complex plug on the end.

Theres a socket in the car thats obviously made for it.

I wonder if there's a sexual metaphor in this imagery

But without a thrill I plug it in to the connection

my eyes follow the cable

to a large diagnostic machine

on its screen is a diagram of the cars systems.

Some sections of the vehicle are flashing red. 

There is a box on the screen that says Fix Problem,

assuming its a touch screen

I press on the text box

but as my hands are greasy the screen is now blotched.


The car roars into life,

revving so loudly that Im scared something will come loose.

I look at the screen

but I cant see through the black smudges  

the rag I use only smears more grease over the screen.


Suddenly everything goes quiet

I look at the screen

I notice that there are peel away screen protectors.

I peel the top layer aside and the screen reveals the problem is fixed

all the systems are green again I very relieved

then I remember its a movie its only a movie and that nothing is fixed or even wrong.



Currently Im concentrating on what Im doing.

For now Ill just let it slide

Presently Ill be occupied.

Is this moment one to cherish?

Perhaps not if I have to ask.

Concurrently Im winning and loosing

For now that will suffice, how about you?



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