iDo does this.

iDon’t doesn’t do what iDo does.

Mine translates jargon.

Mine will hunt a bargain.

We are a people of iDo’s and iDon’ts.


iDo has habitual social warnings.

iDon’t has wanton schematic self aids.

Mine navigates mythical mazes.

Mine contemplates fashion phases.

You are people of iDo’s and iDon’ts.


iDo steals attention affluently.

iDon’t keeps eye contact during sex

Mine is compact chrome and alligator bone.

Mine is a myriad of magenta and porous polyester.

They are people of iDo’s and iDont’s


iDo don’t you know,

iDon’t do you know,

No I know you don’t do,

And do you know that iDon’t?


Mine has pent up angst.

Mine is pissed up a tree.

Mine makes me beautiful.

Mine makes ham.

Mine is a hand size rag mag.

Mine dislikes.

Mine loves.

And mine fist fights.


iDo watches concerts for me.

iDon’t does wonders for my perplexities.

Mine is an opulent opiate.

Mine is an accelerated degenerate.



but iDo,

yes but iDon’t,


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Curuiously funny and I laughed and then 
I thought about it's message and cried, 

Kind rgs


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