You think you know me –

          you don’t know me.

I am still in formation


a nascent malleable state.


I am drawing lines –

          thick and some thin

to find the shapes I can

fit inside

and those that intersect my limbs.


I am coming at you

with my ironclad will

       my repertoire of tricks

              my intelligentsia drawl

and a haiku footnote

drawing the eyes down


cold man wind

freezing unclad eyes

.... nauseam.

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Bravo Aspasia. Succinct, profound and masterful. We all to try to calibrate ourselves along our respective journeys and consequently try to re-mould

Well done

Thanks Tom. Something about it still doesn't quite sit right with me, so I wasn't even going to post it, but I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks Corey

I love 'my intelligentsia drawl and a haiku footnote'... creative and unexpected... LJ

Thanks Lorne. I think that is my favourite part of the piece too..


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