I Hear Me Despite The wind



I hear my thoughts

tumble in slow motion chaos

I hear my spirit crumble

under the weight of unanswered questions

questions that topple

like a deck of cards in the wind...

I hear my heart beating

even thou' you hear it not

and hear my secret memories

those I haven't yet forgot...


I hear my voice echo

in thoughts I haven't said

and my melancholy soul sing with

every song  heard and every poem read...

I hear the laughter of children

the first sweet cry of a new born babe

an ancient age-old whisper

in the breeze as it kisses goodbye to the day...

I hear  perpetual hunger

and the lost call for help

I hear reverberations of every feeling

this world's ever felt...


I hear

my desires...hopes...dreams

 the vibrations of  pent up energy

 resonating deep within

 I hear me

despite the wind;



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pretty good. There are no lines that stick out and demand your attention, and because of that the poem works on a whole. and I think that's really great that you get to the end of the poem and you have time to dwell on it without the distraction of any lyrical or picaresque lines. I was going to quote something by a poet that would have summed your poem pefectly but now I've forgotten it. if i remember I'll come back and post it.

read it again, and liked it a little more.

I think that poetry, in some instances should flow to the end without distraction... leaving the reader free to contemplate.... I would like read that quote should you recall it.

Thank you for your thoughts...


Yes I agree, it flows really well. And for me, its all about the content - and I really like what it says. I felt it. And it whittles down to a simple, but beautiful conclusion.


Great title too. It would make an excellent title for a book.

You know, it would make a great title for a book... I've been pondering what to call a poetry book if I ever did have the chance to publish...

I like that suggestion...thank you...


... and thank you for leaving a response... I'm new and still finding my way around....


Youre welcome Sharon. Go crazy with that title..it's a goodun!

And i've only been here a couple of weeks myself.








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