Being a woman
      entails more than lady-like graces;
 covering up of interval boils
 with Oprah-esque vigils
 latent brimming of tears
 for a man –
                  the one
                  this one
                “his one”
                            No man is goddess enough
                            for a woman’s tears.

      Being a lady
      concerns less of pedigreed pauses;
 refuge in a yoga class never found
 playing the suitable victim
 reasoning that feminism goes
 too far -
           “we cannot escape
            from the sexist struggle
            that those women initiated”

      Being a woman -
      being a lady -
 is like playing the scent of an orange tree
 against the wind;
 excuses impervious to sensibility.
                             Olfactory tentacles
                             out-chasing a scream

(and yet - but for being

 a woman -
 there would be no scream at all)

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Thanks Catherine! Much appreciated xxx

Hey ladies, can I join the sisterhood for a brief second :-)

Aspasia, this is great stuff! Some very clever lines which pulled me in ... Definitely a poem with a hook. Lines like "No man is goddess enough for a woman's tears" & "refuge in a yoga class..." along with "olfactory tentacles out-chasing a scream". Bravo! By the way, there was an Aspasia in 5th century BC Athens, renowned for her wisdom and wit. A reincarnation perhaps?

Thanks Thomas! Always nice to see a fellow greek... I have always felt very fortunate to be named after such a strong woman, even if nobody could ever pronounce it when I was younger (growing up in a small town in NZ, greek pronunciation wasn't exactly well-known). By no means will I ever reach the level of her wisdom and wit, but it sure provides some good inspiration! Glad that you enjoyed this piece. 


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