The Dismiss Of Charge 

To the Heavy Brigade

They'll have you now

They'll take you on 

They want your hands

They want your back

They want you deep

They want you fast

Down that hole 

Till it gives up its last

Once it's gone

It's bye bye so long

For the greater project - without a peep

There's just the heap

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I'm struggling with this poem. I don't know who "they" are. Actually I don't really know what any of this is about.

It's all probably to cryptic by half;

For the minors the axe. Mining Tax. For the young we're Knee capping their future  by allowing the watered down version of the mining super profit tax, 'The dismiss of Charge' and so, 'They' the Miners being the 'Heavy Brigade'. All this being a corruption of Tennyson's 'Charge of the light Brigade' the 600(607 to be exact) being valiant and selfless. 

And the distraction of shorter term employment opportunities, are shielding us from not reaping as a country, better funded longer term development. So all that we will be left in the end are rusting half stripped SS Commodore utes decorating rural paddocks and a few tailings heaps, from what is a one off sale of national wealth.

I appreciate your criticism.  


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