We will shave our heads, yes, that is what we’ll do. We will shave our heads, our legs and our arms. We will shave our expressions and our sex.
We will be naked and hairless together forever

I want to be bound together in the lotus position in a breathable cocoon of cellophane and mint leaves under a fountain of sesame oil atop a colossal gold water slide.

I want us to drop down the slide, speeding, feeling our bodies tense and find ease. I want us to feel the relief when we think we’ve reached the end.

But the slide will scoop!

And we will shoot up up into the violet night sky!
And there, 
our glossy plastic body will be still, 

for an infinite second among the planets.
I will try to count all of the stars! I will try and find Venus!
But I know my eyes will glaze over too soon.
I will feel the shape of a teardrop squeezing out of my waterline and you will steady my hips.

And then,
like we must restore the balance of time,
we will catapult clockwise into a series of somersaults until 

~{( blup !! )}~

I will be on my back in an ocean of white cream, falling, just the way you like it. You will smile on top of me, but I won’t be able to see the sky behind you anymore, just endless waves of cream in a matrix of ridiculous white darkness.

This cream will invite itself into our cocoon, sinking us quickly.
I will bury my head in your chest as we plunge downwards and the cream begins to separate us. I will feel the cream with my feet ebbing up the goosebumps on your leg.

We will be waist deep in cold cream when we realise that our body heat is no longer enough. 

We will be neck deep when we realise that it’s fine. 

We will be kissing when we realize that the white cream is coconut.

How lucky!

So we will close our eyes and just drink the coconut cream out of each others mouths

Enjoying ourselves unapologetically

For a little bit longer

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Wonderful writing, Vivian...I really enjoyed that.

Thank you thank you!

So sensual Vivian, and provocative.  The way you contrast words, your honesty; has a palpable beauty.  BOSS! 


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