Intimidating little allergies that never tell you that they love you,

Not even whether they hate you

They keep you as confused as a creature locked up in a cage,

Yet you keep visiting their Facebook page

Those little things they do make you angry and intimidate your feelings,

It's as if you're locked in a room with no windows and layers of ceilings

They think that they know the most in the world,

When it’s just their necklace that needs to be pearled

What is the true meaning of a friend?

When they just seem to pretend

I’ve had enough of this mess,

I must immediately confess

If my own friends don’t care about me,

Why should I not bother to flee?

I find you too judgemental,

This implies that you’re farther than mental

 I’ll just keep these feelings to myself,

Because you keep my heart at wealth

Just before I'm about to explain,

You ruin the sunshine with all your rain

You keep me in suspense,

With your pointless, visual sense

I still love you, oh yes i do,

But I've had enough being the last in your queue

You need to get your act together,

Because I've had enough of this bad weather

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Anger, rage, that sounds like Love to me. This poem has some minor faults but over all the rage is clear. Because you keep my heart at wealth isn't grammatically correct. But hey what do I know.


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