This is a surrealists recap of the birth of Christ. Please don't hesitate to comment.





Oh Mary, Mary, our mother, sweet Virgin Mary

With no fertility or male you gave birth to

More than a man, something beyond ken

How? We must ask and ponder, did you achieve

Such feats?

What were the magic words softly spoken in God's ear?

And to God we jump, don't we?

Because who else could give a son to a fatherless family?

What else does give kin from no patriarch?

And it is such beasts under Devil's thumb

Oh Mary, Mary, what has your son done?

Has he rescued us? Is he coming again?

And why was he on that cross if all he meant was good?

What demons have you played with Mary?

What lies were whispered in the night?

What names were command to be given?

How many strings does Devil make God dance with?


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Although this poem doesn't rhyme, it does have good rhythm. Well done.

yeah, thanks, I find it hard to strictly adhere to rhyme. It becomes, for me, after a while really annoying when you're trapped by what the end of the next line has to be. But on the other hand it is also a perfect guideline; keeps you nice and structured. I have done a couple 'AABB' poems, and 'ABAB', but i still consider myself a beginner. So I try not to be pretentious.

 Thanks for the feedback. 

Very complex and thought provoking...
I'm glad you think so, and if you can ascertain a conclusion of what it is, or what it's saying, let me know. I may happen to concur.


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