When there's love
There is nothing at all
And everything (my consuming everything . . . My, my)

All at once is yours
Let me see what it is too feel (to much)
You wrapped in my arms, love

Folded into me
Like fine whiskey on a crisp winter's night
Be the fire I yearn to embrace
So I can feel your bursts of exuberant fire
Imbuing me with wicked honey-rich elixir
Setting my heart alight
Immortally fleeting is the light that draws me unto you
My love of the age
My new love, making me forever bright . . .
Extinguishing me like a long dead star
That has been graced with your presence
I have come to know
With tears that sting my useless eyes
That a moment is everything

A moment with you
Everything and more . . .

Let me struggle for the next precious moment

K. Lee Bon., copyright, all rights reserved (worldwide), 20/06/2013

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