Have you noticed recently how words are meaning less and less ?

increasing in size, and magnitude, spreading outwardly,

in indirect proportion to their actual philological construction,

and not pertaining to any logical, as opposed to illogical syntax.

We need to simplify the language, bring it back to basics,

there is a tendency to raise everyday speech to almost

incomprehensible levels, therefore obfuscation is markedly

endemic even in colloquial contexts, when really what needs

to be done is the encapsulation of our day to day dealings

with each other.

This circumlocation, or periphrastic shift in communication

is leading inevitably to a state of pernicious dissipation of

our long held beliefs in the English language.

I, myself, personally, feel an impending derogation of words

and how we use them.

It is our unswerving, and uncompromising duty to return to

a simpler methodology, thus ending our seeming enchantment

with the Oblique, and the Obscure . . .put another way . . .

just state the bleedin' obvious.

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