A Butterfly is Dying


These Bright Wings
Shiver   and Burst
in Flight/Unsmother'd

Set Thee    many Honey Drops
Love-Liquid/Sweet upon thy Lips
Frozen/Sunlight's Burning Stops
An Ice-Filled Passion's      Crushing Grip/

Wings Upon Thy Darkened Waters
Dripping Heavy/Honey's Dew..
When the Moon glows Hot in Quarter
When the Sun Doth Blaze   in   Blue

When Thine Lover     flutters    Hither
Crumpled Wings o f Passion / Hush'd
Come Down Where Thint Flowers Wither..
Summers Ending Fires / Flush'd

These Wings/    Brilliant
Are Resilient/.....
Are The Never Ending Beat
of Twin Hearts   upon the Jungle
of This Garden/Chok'd with Heat

Strangled in Thine Seething Feelings
Happiness   as   Hot   as   Sun
Choking Melancholy's   Stealing
Life's Sweet Passions

Underneath these Steaming Liquids
Setting Fire     to the Sky
Red and Purple Clouds /Insipid
Filling Up My Sixteen Eyes

Upward toward thee/Heaven/sighing
Towards The Starbursts/ Dost Thou Flying
Towards such Cosmic Flaming Space
Where a Butterfly is Dying
Where The Angels Whirl in Grace
Where thine Demons Flame Desire
Where the Sun Drops pelt thy Face
Where the Rainbows Blaze En'fired
Where In Heaven / Angels Wait
Where Sugar'd Blossoms Seent Forever
Where the Answers are to Fate
Where Reward Thoust can Endeavor
Where Thoust Eyes Can Purely See
Where These Gardens Are Tomorrow
Where All Butterflies are Free....



23, March 1992/
East Village, NYC------------------------ A Butterfly is Dying copyright 2005



- - F i n n e g a n

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